The Vehicles of Zirconia 2

Zometh Ops

select a vehicle

After picking a save slot, you will be asked to select a vehicle you want to play as.

Zometh ops is comprised of 8 different vehicles. Each vehicle has its own starting stats, shot pattern, special ability, and special weapon cards. See Stats/Colors for explanations on the stats.


The spaceship is the typical choice for those just starting out. It is average in most abilities and has fast movement and shot speed.

special ability: When boosting, fuel consumption is halved.

special weapon cards

1. Missile: Fires a single missile forward. This will damage all enemies in its path.

2. Super Missiles: Two missiles are fired forward, bigger than the first-level missile.


A large, heavy SUV that has very slow movement but is very heavily armored.

special ability: Duration for negative status effects is halved.

special weapon cards

1. Bomb: A bomb that will detonate in a short while. Has a blast radius of 50.

2. Super Bomb: Like the first-level bomb, but with blast radius 75.

1692 buggy

A really old buggy from centuries ago. This vehicle is quite large, thus making it hard to dodge enemies and hazards.

special ability: When hit, there is a chance to receive the Defense Up status effect.

special weapon cards

1. Tennis ball: A very slow-moving tennis ball. Can do a lot of damage over time to slow moving or stationary enemies.

2. Golf balls: Three slow-moving golf balls are thrown out in front of you.


A small, fast-moving bike. It is very fast and powerful, but cannot take many hits at all. Not recommended for first-time players. Its small size does make it easier to avoid hazards though.

special ability: Weapons you use do extra damage to enemies.

special weapon cards

1. Balloon: A balloon that will burst shortly after launching it. The burst has a small blast radius.

2. H2O Balloon: When this balloon pops, water will be released from it.

Hot Dog Mobile

Yes, it is really a hot dog mobile. It will blast enemies with condiments! Its shot pattern is strange however.

special ability: Coins will home in on your vehicle.

special weapon cards

1. Shotgun Relish: A blast of relish appears at a few lengths in front of your vehicle.

2. Mustard Squirter: Your vehicle squirts mustard for a short time.

Pirate Ship

A new arrival to the Zirconia world, this ship attacks with waves that damage a lot of enemies at once.

special ability: Territories are built with extra durability.

special weapon cards

1. Wave: A single, slow-moving wave in front of you. Not powerful, but lasts a long time.

2. Triple Wave: A wave created in 3 directions around you.

Triple 7

A slot machine that was pulled from a casino! Its special weapons will depend on what you "roll".

special ability: Always has a minimum power of 2.

special weapon cards

1. Dice: The higher you roll, the more powerful the damage done.

2. Roulette: Larger numbers here will result in a bigger block thrown at enemies.

Musical Mayhem

A most unusual vehicle, it isn't really a vehicle at all. This group of musicians will send their instruments at enemies! Beware of its strange shot pattern; it may be hard to hit enemies with normal shots.

special ability: Shoots from the back also.

special weapon cards

1. Sax: A saxophone is fired out in a semi-random direction.

2. Piano keys: A set of piano keys is fired out in a semi-random direction.

There are more special weapon cards than those mentioned previously. See if you can discover their effects on your own.

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