Game Screen

The game screen is split into two: your vehicle is on the left half and your opponent is on the right half. Players may only move on their half of the screen. Enemies and shots will not pass through the screen boundary.

game screen

  1. Name of vehicle
  2. Cards available to use. Your opponent's cards are normally hidden.
  3. Score
  4. Health of current enemy
  5. Coins
  6. Heart: If this reaches 0, it's game over. The blue bar underneath heart is the current fuel of the vehicle.
  7. Amount of extra power you have. This amount is added to your innate power.
  8. Passive abilites you currently have, if any.
  9. Divider: This separates the screen into two, with you on the left and your opponent on the right. Each player may only move on their side of the screen. It may change color to represent early damage reduction. See Winning/Losing for more details.

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