Status Effects

Each player may have one positive and one negative status effect at a time.

Receiving a status effect when you already have a different one will overwrite the one you have. However, receiving the same status effect in succession will increase its degree, thus making it stronger. Higher degree status effects have a longer duration. The maximum degree for any status effect is 3.

the Speed Up status

If you have a status effect, its abbreviation will be displayed on your health bar. To the left of this, will be an icon. The number of icons shown represents the degree of the status effect.

Positive status effects

  • Speed Up (SPD): Increases vehicle movement speed.
  • Berzerk (BZRK): Regular shot power is increased.
  • Defense Up (ROXY): Increases armor value, allowing you to take less damage.
  • Reflection (RFLX): You will reflect all incoming shots (including hazards). The reflected shots can damage enemies.

Negative status effects

  • Dizzy (DZ): You become dizzy and your vehicle will shift around.
  • Poison (TOXI): When you move, there is a chance to lose heart slightly.
  • Stupefy (STUP): Movement controls are reversed.
  • Silence (MUTE): Regular shots cannot be fired.
  • Zombify (ZOM): Power is reduced, and card usage will be controlled by the CPU.
  • Sleep (ZZZZ): Rate of fire is reduced.
There are more status effects than those mentioned previously. See if you can figure out their effects on your own.

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