Pause Menu

During the game, you may press Esc to bring up the pause menu. You can then quit the current match or quit the game from here. Selecting Options will bring you to the options screen.

Options screen

Here are the options:

Key config: Click on the red buttons to reassign to change the key assignments. Don't assign 2 or more functions to the same key or only one of them will take effect.

Volume: Use the sliders to adjust the Music and Sound Effects volume. 100 is the default value, lower amounts produces quieter sounds.

Display combo counter over enemies: If checked, the combo counter will be displayed where the last killed enemy in the combo was. If unchecked, the combo counter is always displayed at the top of the screen.

Display score values for enemies: If checked, you will see how many points you received when you defeat an enemy.

This option is only be available on the opponent select screen:

Display hints at start of round: If checked, a box displaying hints will appear during of the beginning of the rounds.

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