Card Types

There are 7 card types in Zirconia 2: Battle.

  • Effect: These are simple one-time effects, usually temporary stat boosts or status effects.
  • Passive: These last until the end of match. Only a max of 3 passives per player can be active at once. If you use a passive when you already have 3, the oldest one will be removed.
  • Enemy: Enemy cards spawn enemies on the other player's side.
  • Weapon: Weapon cards are used to attack your enemies (not attack the opponent).
  • Hazard: Hazards are mostly projectiles thrown at your opponent, on its side of the screen.
  • Territory: These are defensive structures set up to block incoming enemies. Some of these can actually harm enemies, like proxy mines and spiked walls.
  • Item: Spawns an item. You must pick up the item spawned to get the effect mentioned on the card.

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