Territories are mostly walls that are set up to block incoming enemies. When you use territory cards, they will be placed at the spot your vehicle is at. Certain territories are created on your opponent's side though.

A set amount of durability is assigned to territories when they are created. They will lose 1 durability per second, per enemy that it is in contact with. It does not matter what kind of enemy touches the territory.

When the durability reaches zero, the territory will be destroyed.

Fast-moving enemies or those with "zoom" type abilites may ignore defensive structures set up. Be careful!

Here are some of the territory cards you may encounter:


Walls can only block incoming enemies. They don't affect shots fired in any way.

Paper WallPaper Wall: A very weak wall. Only withstands a couple of hits.

Wood WallWooden Wall: Decent at holding some enemies back.

Marble WallMarble Wall: Can hold groups of enemies back for a while.

Zombie zapperZombie-Zapper: Kills ordinary zombies instantly. Does NOT affect any other kind of enemy.



Trees are the only kind of territory that block shot movements. Trees will block all incoming hazards and enemy fire (not shots that you fire) until the tree's durability reaches 0. Enemy movement is not affected in any way.

Special rules regarding trees

  • If a shot has infinite duration, it will disappear when it comes in contact with the tree, doing damage to the tree once.
  • If a shot has a specific duration, it will get "stuck" in the tree, damaging it until its duration is over.
  • Trees will block incoming hazards, as well as shots that enemies fire.
  • Enemies moving through trees will not damage them.

Movement altering

These territories affect enemy movement while they are on it.

FenceFence: Reduces speed of enemies traveling through it by 50%.

StairsStairs: When you use this, stairs will be created in a random spot on your opponent's side. Enemies that enter stairs get deposited at the bottom of them immediately.

EscalatorEscalator: Like stairs, it is created on opponent's side. Enemies on escalators move 75% faster.

Other Cards

Here are a few examples of other cards that are available.


These cards are take effect right after they are used.

Power: Increases your extra power by 1.

1/2 Deathizer: Reduces health of all enemies on your side of the screen by half. Does not kill any enemies though.

Deathizer: Kills all enemies on your side of the screen instantly.

Curaire: Cures any negative status effects that you have.

Xfer Enemies: Transfers all enemies on your side to your opponent's side!

Rez Enemies: Revives enemies that were recently killed by your opponent. Enemies must be in death animation in order to be revived.

Swap Conditions: Give any negative status effects you have to your opponent. Receive any positive status effects that your opponent has.

Teleport: You will appear at a random spot on your side of the screen. You will be invincible for a short while after teleporting, in case you are teleported to an unsafe location.

Dimensional Gate: You will disappear for a while and cannot be harmed. However, you cannot see the location of your vehicle during this period.


These are passive abilities that last until the end of match. You may only have 3 passives at one time.

Frequency: A passive ability that makes coins appear more often.

X-ray: Reveals usage time of cards and time until next card is drawn. Also, if you have any status effects, displays their durations.

Vitalizer: When you receive a positive status effect, its duration is doubled.

Nullifier: When you receive a negative status effect, its duration is halved.

Knockback: Regular shots fired against enemies will push them back a bit.


These are attacks used against enemies that spawn on your side. Unlike special weapon cards (like the spaceship's missiles), these are available to all vehicles.

4-way shot: A shot is fired in 4 directions at enemies.

Fire Wall: Creates a temporary wall of fire in front of you that burns enemies.

Saute: A cooking pot will appear at the center of the screen and spew flames!

TNT: 3 sticks of TNT fly out in different directions. They explode each with blast radius 125.


These are cards used to attack your opponent by sending projectile(s) down its side of the screen.

Lazer Beam: Sends a lazer beam down your opponent's side.

Toxifying Bomb: A poisonous bomb that will explode with a huge blast radius. The blast itself won't cause much damage though.

Zap: Sends your opponent a bolt of lightning.

Darkness: Creates an area of darkness. Avoid this or you will be put to sleep.

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