Zirconia 2: Battle

Zirconia 2: Battle

What is Zirconia 2: Battle?

Zirconia 2: Battle is a 2D "space" shooter in which you challenge other opponents. It is not set entirely in space however. You and a computer-controlled player are playing vertical scrolling shooters, side by side. Players cannot ever directly attack the opponent, they must use their shooter skills to take down waves of enemies and avoid incoming shots. Each player faces enemy waves and has special cards they can use. These cards, among other things, can give your opponent even more enemies, or can be weapons used to attack enemies. When a player does a "combo" (defined by killing many enemies in quick succession) enemies will appear on the other side.


destruction of Zirconia

There existed a team known as the Zometh Ops that had a desire to eliminate a spaceship known as Zirconia. When Zirconia was destroyed, the shrapnel from resulting explosion was formed into mysterious cards. As Zometh Ops rushed to get the cards, they faced some competition. A group consisting of a mix of robots and ninjas had already arrived. All teams decided to pick up the cards and do battle. Officials decided that the theme for this tournament will be zombies. Each entrant must eliminate as many zombies and zombified creatures as they can, while avoiding them at the same time. Now the Zirconia tournament starts.


You and a computer-controlled opponent are playing vertical scrolling shooters, split-screen style. You must defeat 7 different opponents indirectly by using cards that you will draw throughout the course of the match. These cards will have various effects, such as spawning enemies on your opponent's side, or sending projectiles over. There are also temporary stat-boosting effects and defensive structures you may set up.

In order to use the aforementioned cards, you need to collect coins which come in 3 colors: red, green, and blue. Coins are obtained by defeating enemies that spawn. The only enemies that spawn on their own are zombies, which do nothing but move slowly across the screen. This provides players a method of obtaining coins early on so they can start using cards. The majority of other enemies spawned will be from using enemy cards, or by performing combos.

There are 8 different vehicles to choose from, each with their own special ability, special weapons, and shot patterns. Many of the vehicles are non-traditional. After you choose your vehicle, you then select from one of several pre-built decks. Finally, choose an opponent to battle and start the match.

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