Using an enemy card will spawn enemies on the opposing side. Here is a sampling of the enemies found in Zirconia 2.

ZombieZombie (30 pts): A standard zombie that normally walks from top to bottom.

Q-virusQ-virus (40 pts): A virus with an electrical charge. Beware of its zoom attack.

Mr. ZommMr. Zomm (60 pts): A zombie that shoots lightning out.

2 common plantToo common plant (50 pts): A plant that likes to spew poisonous breath at you.

Blue blobBlue blob (20 pts): Small slimes that tend to spawn in groups. Don't confuse these with blue coins!

zomBEEzomBEE (50 pts): A bee that zombifies those it touches.

Sonic ZombieSonic Zombie (100 pts): A zombie head that emits a loud, piercing wave around itself.

WompthroperWompthroper (300 pts): A large, very durable mechanoid. It can unexpectedly make sudden jumps at you.

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