Deck selection

select a deck

After selecting a vehicle, you will then be asked to select a deck of cards. Decks can be single color, 2 color, or all 3 colors.

See Stats/Colors for explanations on the colors.

Single color

Single color decks tend to focus on one color's cards, but they are NOT limited to containing only that color. The coin capacities for single color decks only allow for 6 coins to be collected in colors other than the main color.

2 colors

2-color decks mainly include cards from both of the colors, but still allow for the 3rd color to be included. The coin capacities for 2-color decks allow for 16 coins to be collected in the main colors, and only 6 coins in the other color.

3 colors

3-color decks include all of the colors. They are usually the most balanced and have the most variety. The coin capacities for 3-color decks allow for 12 coins to be collected in all colors.

See the in-game descriptions for more information on each specific deck.

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