Stat Descriptions

Power: This is innate shot power. More power equates to more damage done by regular shots fired.

Armor: A higher armor stat means less damage is taken when hit.

Speed: Movement speed of your vehicle.

Shot speed: How fast regular shots travel.

Rate of fire: The wait time between firing regular shots. Keep in mind that a lower value here means a faster firing rate.

Excel: The chance of performing an excellent move, which is a shot that does double damage.

Heart: Overall health of the vehicle. If it reaches 0, the game is over.

Coin percentage: The values for Red, Green, and Blue represent the percentage of coins dropped in those colors. A red value of 20 means that 20% of coins that appear will be red.


Here are explanations of the basic ideas of each color. However, the colors are NOT limited to these roles (i.e., there is some overlap).

Red: Deals mainly with offensive weaponry, hazards, effects that strengthen shots, and territories that can do damage such as proxy mines.

Green: Deals mainly with spawning enemy swarms, effects that speed up movement, and poison.

Blue: Deals mainly with setting up defensive structures, effects that increase armor, and slowing down movement.

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