What is the object of the game?

Defeat all 7 opponents in order to win the game. There is no set order in which you may fight them, although higher tier opponents can't be challenged right away.

How do I defeat an opponent?

Make its heart go to zero. There are many ways in which this can be done. For instance, spawn lots of enemies on its side in order to overwhelm it.

How do I acquire cards?

When you defeat an opponent (the whole match, not just 1 round), you will automatically be awarded 5 cards. After you upgrade your stats, you will be taken to a screen in which you will select 5 additional cards to add to your deck.

Which effects are temporary and which are permanent?

Cards used during a match are temporary, lasting a specific duration or until the end of the match. Upgrade points applied to stats (which you distribute) when you win a match are permanent.

How do I remove cards from my deck?

You can only remove cards from your deck if your deck currently contains over 100 cards. Select 'Remove Cards' on the opponent select screen, then a list of cards you own will be shown. Select a card, then choose 'Delete' and it will be removed.

Is there a limit to how many cards I may acquire?

A deck may not have more than 200 cards (this includes multiples of a card). If you acquire over 200 cards, you will be forced to delete down to 200 before selecting an opponent.

Is there a limit to how many multiples of a card I can have?

No. The 200-card limit still applies, however.

I upgraded my power stat at the end of the match and it still says POWER 1. Is this normal?

The power stat you upgraded is your innate power (this is not displayed on screen). The power displayed on screen is your 'extra' power. This power is added to your innate power to determine how much damage your shots do. Innate power is retained permanently, but 'extra' power always starts at 1 when you begin a match.

Can I discard a card I don't want?

Sure. First make sure the card you want to discard is selected, then press Backspace (this is the default control). The selected card will be discarded. Be aware that there is a longer delay until the next card will be drawn. This is to prevent players from cycling their cards very quickly in order to only utilize a select few cards every game.

What happens when I run out of cards?

There is no penalty for running out of cards. Your used cards will simply be shuffled back in.

Do multiples of single passive ability stack?

No, having more than 1 of a single passive will not make it any stronger. Example 1: Having 2 "Speed x 1.2" passives will give you speed x 1.2 Example 2: Having "Speed x 1.2" and "Speed x 1.5" will give you speed x 1.5

I accidentally erased a save file. Can I get it back?

If you erased a save file using shift-click, just back out of the screen you are on. It will be there when you return. Save files are not actually erased until they are overwritten (by returning to the opponent select screen from a match).