• It is up to you to determine what strategy is best for defeating your opponent. You may want to use lots of hazards, or maybe use enemy cards and perform high combos to overwhelm it, or even use annoying status effects to force it to move undesirably into enemies.
  • The amount of upgrade points awarded depends on your score for that match.
  • It is much harder to improve a stat that your vehicle is innately poor at. For instance, a slow-moving vehicle usually requires 2 points to upgrade speed instead of 1.
  • Some vehicle/deck combinations may not always be favorable. If you choose a vehicle that only has a red coin percentage of 20%, you probably don't want to choose a single color red deck.
  • The cards that are automatically added to your deck after you win depend on the deck selected. The cards that you can choose to add to your deck depend on the opponent you just beat.
  • Incoming hazards/shots cannot pass through trees, but you can still get hit by them while they're "stuck" in the tree.
  • Pay attention to the layout of your opponent's side when starting a stage. Don't waste your powerful hazards if there are many trees present. You may want to use the less useful hazards to clear them out first.
  • Don't rely on the weaker walls for blocking large enemy swarms. For example, 5 enemies beating on your paper wall (10 durability) will destroy the wall within 2 seconds!
  • Even if you have a really high armor stat, you are not invincible. There is always a minimal amount that will get through. This amount gets higher as you face harder opponents.
  • Poison only causes you lose heart if you are in motion. It has no effect when you are stationary.
  • Under the Reflection status effect, you can "reflect" explosions. They just won't go anywhere though.
  • For every 1 minute that elapses during a match, the game speed will increase. A higher game speed results in faster spawning enemies and increased enemy speed.
  • Be careful about using the combo system. After a big combo, you'll send plenty of enemies over, but this may allow your opponent to perform an even bigger combo back at you!
  • In later stages especially: Watch what cards your opponent is about to use. You may want to watch its combo counter also.
  • There are certain times where you don't want to hold down the fire button constantly.
  • When selecting a save slot, vehicle, deck, or opponent, you may double-click on the desired item to quick-select it.
  • The game will always be saved automatically when you return to the opponent selection screen.
  • If you are having difficulty with the harder opponents, you may go back and beat a previously defeated opponent for more upgrade points and cards.

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