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Welcome to Z2 Games!

Offering unique, free games for download!

Z2 Games is dedicated to creating unique, innovative games that are not available anywhere else. We offer many free downloads of games that we have developed. So far, we have created 5 games from start to finish since 2004, with the average development time being around 4 to 5 months. Games have been developed in C++ and Visual Basic, but now leaning toward C++ mostly. All of our free games have been created in-house and are original concepts, often with unique gameplay styles.

Games we have released include Zirconia 2: Battle. This is a 2D shooter which has you going up against a computer opponent. We have taken 4th place in GameDev's 4 Elements Contest with this game.

Also complete is Cognizance, a horizontal shooter game with RPG and puzzle elements, for shmup-dev's contest.

Our most recently finished game is Boxxed, a collection of minigames featuring over 20+ kinds of tasks.

Latest News

Boxxed: 1st screenshot

Here is a screenshot for my current project, Boxxed. The game will consist of a series of tasks that have to be carried out. Pictured below is just one of the tasks, in which you have to cut a box only on the designated areas. It looks quite simple in the picture, but at higher levels there will be more complex patterns.


Next game in initial design

I'm currently planning my next game that will be developed. The tentative name for the game will be Boxxed. It will mostly likely be a collection of puzzle-type mini-games with a box/packaging theme. The design documents are being worked on at the moment, nothing has been programmed so far.

New design and host

Just got finished with the new design of the site, and finally got a new web host. An untitled project is in the works, I haven't decided what it will be yet. We are leaning toward a mini-game collection with a twist, as it is simple to get a prototype for the game up and running.

Cognizance finished!

We have finished up on another title of ours, Cognizance. Get through all of the stages and defeat the boss to win! There are plenty of difficulty levels to keep you occupied, from Easy to Expert. High scores are automatically saved for each difficulty.


Visit the page here for more info on the game: Cognizance

Download it here.



More progress has been made, and a title has been decided on, Cognizance.

There will be 3 kinds of gameplay featured in this game. I am going to focus on replay value and variety, rather than length of the overall game.

In the first phase of the game, you build up your stats by killing appropriate enemies. After that, you blast enemies that have misspelled words! In the final phase, you must defeat a boss. Currently, the boss is being worked on, and I do not have its attacks finalized yet.

New Project

I've finally decided on a new project at last. It will be a shooter/puzzle game hybrid (maybe with a mix of a 3rd genre!) I do not have any details at the moment, nor any screenshots yet, but expect many updates this coming month.

This will be a minor project, something I plan to complete within 1 or 2 months. Gameplay will be completely different than my previous game, Zirconia 2.



Finished my entry for the Ludum Dare contest, in which you must develop a game in 2 days. It is titled Cacophony. The object of the game is to avoid the bad music sources, and find the exit to move on to the next stage. Download it here.

Zirconia 2: Battle, version 1.1

Zirconia 2

Zirconia 2: Battle is at version 1.1! Download it here.

Zirconia 2: Battle complete

Zirconia 2

Zirconia 2: Battle is finally complete! Download it here.

Zirconia 2, testing

Only a few days remain until the release. Still busy in the testing and polishing phase.

Tasks complete:

  • installer

Next up:

  • testing
  • polishing

Zirconia 2, game balance

All game content has been complete! All that is left is testing and game balance.

Tasks complete:

  • music/sound FX
  • ending
  • credits

Zirconia 2, music and sound effects

LOTS of progress made with Zirconia 2: Battle as we get closer to the 4E4 deadline. Currently working on the music and sound FX.

Tasks complete:

  • enemies
  • deck data
  • level layouts
  • saving/loading
  • UI polishing
  • options

Zirconia 2, cards

Most of the cards' design are complete. The spites/animations for weapons and hazards are done, and items are implemented.
Also set up a blog for development of this project.

Tasks complete:

  • items
  • artwork for weapons
  • player deck contents

Next up:

  • artwork for eneimes, part 2
  • deck data
  • populating opponents decks
  • level layouts

Zirconia 2, art

Mostly working on the art for Zirconia 2 now. The animations for the opponents are complete, although not all of them animate due to space reasons.

Tasks complete:

  • backgrounds
  • artwork for opponents
  • card data file

Zirconia 2, enemies

Tasks complete:

  • enemy attacks
  • game over screen
  • victory/reward screens

Zirconia 2 progress

Tasks complete:

  • artwork for the first batch of enemies
  • enemy spawning locations and patterns

Zirconia 2

Ok, back to work on Zirconia 2:

Tasks complete:

  • artwork for the remaining vehicles
  • walls and related enemy collisions
  • most status effects and passive abilities

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