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Boxxed is a collection of packaging-themed minigames. Complete the tasks in any order of your choosing, then save up enough money so you can get through the boss levels. The game is saved automatically each time you return to the stage select screen.

There are 3 kinds of things you can purchase at the shop:
1. assistance: used to help you get through the boss level
2. upgrades: used to make your packing machine stronger in various aspects
3. packing machines: when you get enough trophies, you can play as a different machine (I won't spoil it and say exactly how to get trophies)

The controls are pretty much self-explanatory (arrow keys/WASD to move when applicable) and instructions are given before each stage.

Boxxed Boxxed

Boxxed Boxxed Boxxed


  • more than 20 minigames available
  • multiple difficulty levels per mini-game
  • automatic saving to the save slot of your choice
  • upgrade your machine with stat points you earn
  • a wide variety of minigames, from quick reflex games to more complex tasks
  • complete the boss levels to unlock even more games



Boxxed, version 1.1 (11/05/06, 12.8 MB)

You may download Boxxed here.


date started: Apr 2006
version 1.0 release date: Oct 2006
version 1.1 release date: Nov 2006

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