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Cognizance is a 2D horizontal shooter game that combines a traditional shooter with puzzle and RPG elements. In the first phase, you build up your stats by killing enemies to fill up empty blocks at the top of the screen. These blocks can contain stats, the amount of stat increases depends on the number that was on the enemy. In the second phase, blast the enemies that have misspelled words! Be careful though, killing an enemy with a correctly spelled word will cause it to counterattack! The final phase is a boss, there are certain elemental tiles you can stand on to aid you in defeating it.

The controls are simple: use the WASD or arrow keys to move, and Ctrl or spacebar to shoot. Mouse control is also supported.

You will need to think fast in this game, as the way to build your character's stats depends a lot on getting high numbers placed into the boxes with favorable attributes on them!

Cognizance Cognizance Cognizance

Cognizance Cognizance Cognizance


  • 3 styles of gameplay
  • multiple difficulty levels
  • high score saving
  • educational value: learn some commonly misspelled words!
  • simple control scheme


Cognizance, version 1.0 (03/21/06, 4.75 MB)

You may download Cognizance here.

Progress Chart

date started: 02/15/06    version 1.0 release date: 03/21/06

Date Task P
02/17/06 Basic background, HUD
02/19/06 drawing terrain 20%
02/21/06 enemies 30%
02/24/06 phase 1 gameplay
02/27/06 phase 2 gameplay 50%
03/03/06 bonuses 60%
03/12/06 phase 1 gameplay revamp 70%
03/13/06 high scores
03/14/06 elemental tiles 75%
03/16/06 boss attacks 85%
03/17/06 sound FX
03/19/06 gameplay balance 90%
03/20/06 testing 100%

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