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Top Money Making Sites

PASSIVE Money Makers!

Swagbucks will earn you a good amount of money by running apps. You can also earn money by taking surveys and searching the web.

Search & Win

With Perk you can earn points for doing things you already do online everyday without any extra effort! The points can be redeemed for real prizes, like cash and giftcards.

Search & Win

Bing Rewards earns you giftcards just for searching!

Search & Win

QuickRewards: an excellent rewards site. Pays very fast!

QuickRewards really pays you fast for completing offers/signups. A lot of them involve just one page or form, and they will give you credit within minutes. There is NO MINIMUM cashout amount, you can just cashout anytime; you don't have to wait a month like other sites! I've earned over $50; see the image below for proof.

Quickrewards payment

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Paid Surveys

There are programs that pay you for taking surveys. They take longer than the previously mentioned programs like the paid-to-read ones, but paid surveys you will earn more money.

One of the highest paying survey sites is SurveySavvy. They send you surveys periodically based on the initial demographic questionnaire you take when you first join them. Their surveys are commonly worth $10 to $50, although it varies quite a bit. Most of the time, the longer the survey takes to complete, the higher the value.

The surveys' length average around 20 minutes from my experience with SurveySavvy. You can request payout by check, but it takes about 4 weeks for the check to be delivered. It's best to wait until you have accumulated a good amount of earnings before you request payment.

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