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Quixotic Mayhem

Quixotic Mayhem

Quixotic Mayhem is a collection of 60+ mini-games with Musix Zone 2005 as the central game. Successfully completing the mini-games will allow you to buy letters. Buy enough letters to help you decode Musix Zone.

Mini-game selection screen Fly swatter! Can you figure out this picture puzzle?

Musix Zone 2005

This is the central mini-game of Quixotic Mayhem. In order to advance to the next act, thus unlocking more mini-games, you must complete Musix Zone. In this game, you answer multiple-choice questions about who made a certain song (or vice versa). For instance, if a name of an artist appears as the question, select the song made by that artist.

However, not all letters are revealed!  You must buy letters beforehand in order to have them revealed.  Letters that are not revealed are displayed as *'s.  If you don't have enough cash to buy letters, then complete more mini-games.

Musix Zone '05 with only B,J,Z revealed

This picture shows a Musix Zone question with only the letters B, J, and Z revealed.

Successfully completing Musix Zone will allow you to go on to the next act.  Beat all 7 acts to become the Quixotic Mayhem master!

As an alternative to Musix Zone, you may play Metrix Zone instead.  Metrix Zone deals with measurements and quantities.  A number or measurement will appear; select the correct answer from the choices given.

System Requirements:

Windows 98 or higher, 500Mhz CPU, 800x600 display, 64MB RAM, 10 MB disk space without .NET framework / 40+ MB with .NET framework

Hmmm tough! Drag letters to complete the word What's the largest?


  • Over 60 different mini-games to play!
  • 10 difficulty levels per mini-game
  • 5 tiers of mini-games to unlock, totalling 7 acts in all
  • Lots of variety: Go from simple reflex games to playing challenging word/math games!
  • Automatic saving: Just select a save slot when you start and never worry about forgetting to save. There are 5 save slots in all, so multiple users can all play.
  • Perfect for casual gamers: All minigames are short in duration, thus playing for extended periods of time is not required.
  • A skill system is implemented for advanced users; however, it is completely optional.

Shop: Buy Letters and Skills


Quixotic Mayhem, version 1.0 (05/15/05, 8 MB)

You may download Quixotic Mayhem here.


Unzip the QuixoticMayhem.zip file to any folder. Then run the Quixotic Mayhem Installer file and follow the onscreen instructions.

Progress Chart

date started: 01/12/05     version 1.0 finished: 05/08/05

Date Task P
01/17/05 Title screen
01/20/05 Select screen
01/23/05 pre-game instruction screen
01/26/05 1st mini-game
01/30/05 2nd and 3rd games, HUD
02/02/05 objects(10), games 4-6 5%
02/05/05 database of words, more phase 1 games 10%
02/08/05 objects(30), more phase 1 games
02/12/05 picto(10), more phase 1 games 15%
02/14/05 shop
02/16/05 loading/saving 20%
02/20/05 musix zone 2005 25%
02/22/05 populated: objects(70), picto(200)
02/25/05 populated: musix(880), picto(270) 30%
02/27/05 status screen, starting phase 2 games
03/01/05 instruction screen
03/03/05 website update, phase 2 games 40%
03/06/05 artwork
03/10/05 mini-game title screens
03/14/05 object weights
03/18/05 finish phase 2 games 50%
03/24/05 phase 3 games
03/27/05 finish phase 3 games 60%
03/30/05 phase 4 games
04/02/05 finish phase 4 games 70%
04/04/05 phase 5 games
04/06/05 finish phase 5 games 75%
04/09/05 metrix zone 2005
04/14/05 polishing: create bitmap font
04/17/05 polishing: improved squares, HUD
04/19/05 misc. features: pausing, options, play lower levels for fun 80%
04/21/05 mini-game specific tweaking
04/24/05 music
04/27/05 populated: objects(160) 90%
04/30/05 ending/credits, objects(200)
05/03/05 playtesting
05/07/05 difficulty tweaking 100%

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