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Z2 Games originally made games for the Mac. Starting in 1995, we have developed over 15 games for the Mac, written in FutureBasic. Many of them have been uploaded to CompuServe, and they've received thousands of downloads. Unfortunately, we don't have any available for download here :( We will still show you info about each of the mac games (no pix though). In 2004, we started to make PC games. This section describes the very first games we've worked on. These games were originally for the Macintosh, and are not available for download (I miss the mac :( )

  • Suite 8 - A collection of 8 mini-games, very basic stuff.
  • The Brain Tester - A Jeopardy clone.
  • The Minez - A minesweeper clone with a twist. You have a health meter, take damage from mines, and earn money from uncovering safe squares. Between levels, you can buy items for assistance.
  • Slots One - A standard slot machine game.
  • Slots Two - Similar to the arcade game Pop-A-Slot, the game with the bouncy balls in which you have to match slot-machine symbols.
  • 1 Letter @ Time - Like the toss-up round of Wheel of Fortune. Letters appear periodically and you have to buzz in to solve the puzzle.
  • Tyop Z - A Family Feud clone.
  • The Maze - A basic maze-like game. Avoid moving onto black areas and move onto blue for the exit.
  • The Maze 2 - 100-level maze game. The last levels were the letters of the alphabet. Up to 3 players, health meter, and items are included.
  • Suite 48 - A collection of 48 mini-games. Each game has 10 difficulty levels.
  • Extatica - This was a crazy project! A standard action game with 500(!) characters to select from. The characters were everything from Sesame Street to Beavis & Butthead. Each of the characters had an attack that was named after a movie.
  • Exoteria (RPG1) - Very basic RPG. Only 1 character in party.
  • Exoteria 2 (RPG2) - Was an unfinished RPG, no world "map", just pick an area and fight X battles.
  • Exoteria 3 - Our last and greatest RPG for the Mac. 6 characters in party and over 30 maps. Some characters and bosses were weird/random (Duke Nukem, Cartman, Greven, B&B, Zanta Claus).
  • Zirconia - Our first 2D shooter! There were 3 vehicles and 8 levels. The Zirconia series started here.
  • NWO 2 - A strategy game where you can choose from 8 (+4 secret) teams. The teams consisted of wrestling groups like WWF, WCW, NWO, ECW, etc. There's a build phase in which you set up fortifications and an action phase where you battle the opposing team. There was no computer AI though.

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